Wheel Alignment and Balancing Services

At Abby Spring, we’re not just Abbotford’s suspension specialists, we’re your one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs. From wheel alignments to wheel balancing services, we’ve got you covered for all driving conditions. Our state-of-the-art Hunter alignment technology precisely adjusts the angles of your wheels, reducing tire wear and improving handling. Whether you’re hauling heavy loads or hitting the open road, trust us to keep your big or small vehicle running smoothly so you can drive with confidence and ease.

Wheel Alignments

Daily driving, road conditions, and even minor collisions can cause your wheels to lose their optimal alignment. At Abby Spring, we offer expert alignments for a smoother and safer ride.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

Discover the key indicators that your vehicle may require a professional alignment service. These symptoms not only affect your driving experience but could also indicate underlying issues that need immediate attention.

  • Uneven Tire Wear
  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side
  • Steering Wheel Off-Centre
  • Vibrations or Shaking While Driving
  • Squealing Tires
  • Abnormal Handling of Corners

Why Vehicle Alignments Matter

Explore the importance of regular vehicle alignments for optimal performance.

  1. Safety First: Vehicle alignments improve vehicle stability and handling, reducing the risk of accidents.
  2. Improved Fuel Efficiency: When your wheels are aligned, they roll easily with less resistance, leading to better fuel efficiency and cost savings.
  3. Tire Longevity: Prevent uneven tire wear, extending the life of your tires and saving you money on replacements when you get a wheel alignment for your vehicle.
  4. Prevents Other Issues: Ignoring wheel alignment issues can lead to other problems in your car, like with the suspension or brakes. Regular maintenance helps catch and prevent these problems early, keeping your car in top condition and saving you from costly repairs down the road.

Our Alignment Services

Introducing our wide range of professional alignment services tailored to meet your vehicle’s specific needs.

  1. Front-End Alignment: We focus on the front wheels, adjusting the angles to factory specifications, and ensuring precise handling and stability.
  2. Four-Wheel Alignment: Our advanced equipment allows us to align all four wheels, promoting even tire wear and enhanced performance.
  3. Custom Solutions: We provide custom alignment solutions to match your vehicle’s specific needs.

Our alignment service makes sure your wheels are on the right track. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Wheel Balancing

We offer wheel balancing services to make sure your ride is as smooth as it gets. Unbalanced wheels can cause annoying vibrations and even lead to uneven tire wear, which comprises your vehicle’s performance and comfort.

Why Wheel Balancing Matters:

Learn the importance of regular wheel balancing for an effortless drive.

  1. Vibration Elimination: Eliminates those annoying vibrations that can make your driving experience uncomfortable and distracting.
  2. Even Tire Wear: Prevent uneven tire wear, prolonging the life of your tires and saving you money on replacements.
  3. Safety First: Enhance your vehicle’s stability and handling, ensuring a safer ride for you and your passengers.

Our Wheel Balancing Service:

Experience the difference with Abby Spring’s precision wheel balancing.

  1. Precise Balancing: We use advanced equipment to pinpoint the slightest imbalance and correct it with precision.
  2. Quality Assurance: We take pride in delivering quality service and using only premium tools and materials.
  3. Expert Recommendations: If we notice any wheel or tire issues during the balancing process, we’ll provide our recommendations.

Contact us now for a wheel-balancing service, so you can hit the road with confidence, knowing you’ll experience a vibration-free and stable ride every time.

Understanding the Difference: Wheel Alignment vs. Wheel Balancing

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, two key services often come up: wheel alignment and wheel balancing. While they both contribute to a better drive, they address different issues.

Wheel Alignment focuses on the angles of your car’s wheels in relation to each other and to the car itself. Think of it as making sure all your wheels are pointing in the right direction. Proper alignment ensures your tires meet the road at the correct angle, your wheels are centred in the wheel wells, and the steering wheel is straight.

Wheel Balancing, on the other hand, is all about evenly distributing the weight of the tire and wheel assembly to ensure a smooth ride. Over time, wheels can become unbalanced, leading to vibrations, excessive tire wear, and strain on your car’s suspension. Balancing your wheels involves adding small weights to the wheel to counterbalance these issues.

Tailor-Made For Your Needs

At Abby Spring, we understand the importance of a flawless suspension system for your vehicle. That’s why we offer an extensive range of tailor-made springs and U-bolts, crafted to perfectly match your vehicle’s specific needs. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to your driving experience, making sure your ride is not only stable but also responsive. Trust us to unlock the true potential of your vehicle.

Brands We Work With

ABBY SPRING Big or Small Vehicle Services

As a government-licensed inspection facility, we specialize in a range of suspension services for vehicles and trailers, ranging from light to heavy-duty. Our certification and expertise ensure that your vehicle meets all required standards and regulations, providing peace of mind.

Custom Springs

Custom Springs and U-Bolts ensure proper suspension and support providing a smooth and safe ride on the road. Experience a tailored suspension system with our custom springs, providing optimal support and handling for your specific vehicle needs.

Drive Shafts

Drive shafts are crucial for transmitting power from the engine to the wheels. Boost your vehicle’s power and performance with our precision-engineered drive shafts, delivering seamless power transfer for a smoother drive.

Lift Kits

Lift kits are essential for increasing ground clearance and off-road capabilities. Conquer new heights and rugged terrains with our expertly installed lift kits, enhancing both the look and functionality of your vehicle.

Air Bags

Airbag services involve inspecting, maintaining, and repairing the airbag system in your vehicle. Whether you need airbags for heavy towing or off-road adventures, our team is here for any airbag needs.

Axles & Trailer Parts

Keep your trailer rolling smoothly and safely with our reliable axle and trailer parts services, providing the essential components for hassle-free towing.

Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Daily driving, road conditions, and even minor collisions can cause your wheels to lose their optimal alignment. At Abby Spring, we offer expert alignments for a smoother and safer ride.


Trust us to handle all your big or small vehicle services, so you can focus on the journey ahead.